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From pre-design to handover and ongoing operations, FulcrumHQ is a unified platform for the entire infrastructure lifecycle. 


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Digital Requests for Information (RFIs)

Use FulcrumHQ to request information and facilitate communication 

Reduce time spent on RFIs by up to 50% 

  • Standardized forms 

  • Automated workflows 

  • Coordinated information access 

  • Issues and resolutions dashboards 

  • Digital discussion notes 

  • Mobile applications for capturing data on-site 

  • Infinitely customizable 

Checklist Screenshot
Still using paper-based forms or manual communication methods? 

With FulcrumHQ, all RFIs are digital e-forms with automated validation and approval flows.  

Keeping track of validations and approvals manually? 

With FulcrumHQ’s CDE, all RFIs are digitally stored for accessibility and auditability. 

Availability of approvers creating delays? 

Approvals can now be made with the click of a button from any smart device. 


ICE Meetings

Use FulcrumHQ to hold the world's best Integrated Concurrent Engineering (ICE) meetings 

Shorter ICE Meetings, faster outcomes

  • Real-time ICE Meetings, in the cloud 

  • Digital record of issues and decisions 

  • Single source of truth for all specializations 

  • Other stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date information 

Collaboration Screenshot
Are your teams still working in silos? 

With FulcrumHQ, virtual ICE Meetings can be held in real-time using our next-generation CDE.  In our modern digital workspace, collaborators can navigate, annotate, and create issues directly on the federated BIM model along with 2D drawings and other documents. 

Is it taking too long to make decisions? 

Using our advanced and highly configurable workflows, tasks can be assigned, and issues can be resolved fasterDigital records of decisions and action items drive speed and accountability. 

Are you using AI to help your team know where to focus? 

FulcrumHQ’s next-generation model checking shows your team where to focus and highlights potential issues before they become a problem. 


Visualization and Design Checks 

Use BIM models, 3D models and immersive technology to visualize, seek feedback, and validate designs  

High-fidelity federated BIM models, in the browser

  • Web-based platform for federating large and complex BIM Models 

  • Full integration for AR/VR 

  • World's most advanced, intelligent, and automated model checking 

  • Create issues, assign actions, and make decisions directly in the model itself 

3D Viewer
Still doing design reviews in 2D? 

With FulcrumHQ, design consultants, builders, and all other stakeholders can view federated BIM models in our 3D BIM ViewerTake this further by integrating with AR/VR technologies. 

Just doing rudimentary model checking or clash detection? 

Leverage next-generation machine intelligence to augment your traditional compliance workflows with automated clash detection, compliance checks, and quality checks across every element in Industry Foundation Classes (IFC).  


Digital Submittals and Approvals

Use FulcrumHQ to automate and streamline design submittals and approvals 

Fast, automated, and auditable approval flows  

  • Ensure that only approved submittals will be physically constructed 

  • Eliminate unapproved site works 

  • Automated review and approval workflows 

  • Full traceability and auditability of all decisions made 

BIM Model 2
Are you using email for transmittals?  

With FulcrumHQ users can digitally submit designs, trigger automated approval workflows, and notify approvers instantly.  Track design issues, comments, and view revisions.

Are your approvals missing an audit trail? 

In FulcrumHQ all approvals are easily auditable, searchable, and timestamped.  You can view and compare revised model versions, record notes, and add collaborators. 


BIM-Based Documentation 

Generate project docs directly from BIM models 

Project docs generated from a trusted single-source-of-truth

  • Reduce time spent retrieving project information 

  • Eliminate discrepancies and improve productivity 

  • Use your coordinated model for drawings, tender specs, schedules, and more  

BIM Model 1
Are designers working in silos instead of a single-source-of-truth? 

With FulcrumHQ your project team can work together on their designs using our 3D viewer and collaboration tools.   

Are your teams still generating project docs from a variety of non-integrated sources? 

Once fully coordinated, designers can use FulcrumHQ, along with their favourite authoring tools, to generate all project docs, including 2D drawings, schedules, tender specifications, and more.  


BIM-Based Cost Estimation 

Calculate project costs and QTO estimates from BIM data and IFC files 

BIM-based cost estimation for accuracy and speed 

  • Reduce time spent on the QTO process

  • Reduce errors and omissions 

  • Automate estimation and progress claims 

3D Model Viewer
Are you doing your Quantity Take Off (QTO) process manually in Excel? 

Using FulcrumHQ, users can easily search and query BIM data and extract QTO information.  Automatically extract information, including unit rates for each element, to develop costing models and QTO documentation. 

Is your Cost Estimation process manual and time-consuming? 

Say goodbye to cost overruns and delays with FulcrumHQ’s scalable and repeatable automated processes. 


Digital Logistics 

Use FulcrumHQ to plan and track prefabricated components and building materials  

Track and monitor prefab components in real-time 

  • Digital production schedules 

  • Digital logistic delivery records 

  • Mobile apps for on-site verification and real-time progress updates 

Authoring tool of your choice
Are you monitoring the production, delivery, and installation of prefabricated components manually? 

With FulcrumHQ, you can collaborate with your suppliers to track the status of fabrication, receipt, delivery, and installation of components. 

Have missing documents ever resulted in site delays or over-production? 

All stakeholders can easily monitor and track prefabricated components directly from your BIM modelsBased on planning schedules, you can easily identify prefabricated elements and order them for delivery to site when required. 


Digital Scheduling and Sequencing   

Use FulcrumHQ to plan and monitor the entire project  

Manage your construction project digitally

  • Digital construction schedules 

  • Sequencing models 

  • Combine your 3D BIM model with scheduling and sequencing meta data, in the cloud  

BIM Model 2 w no message
Still doing your construction planning manually on the wall? 

FulcrumHQ’s CDE is a single-source-of-truth for all construction scheduling and sequencing information.   

Is accessing the Gantt chart difficult and creating poor coordination and communication? 

Videos from 4D BIM sequencing tools can be uploaded and reviewed directly in the browser, making the information easily accessible to all stakeholders involved in the project.​ 


Digital Progress Monitoring  

Digitally track and monitor your projects 

Real-time digital progress monitoring

  • Digital progress reports (actual vs planned) 

  • Site progress photos  

  • Real-time dashboards and insights 

Analytics Screenshot
Still doing progress monitoring by visual inspection? 

FulcrumHQ’s dashboard provides an overview of each project’s health and status based on planned completion dates and updated model information.  

Manually comparing progress to the overall construction schedule? 

Construction progress can be recorded via site progress photos and scanned models.  Eliminate double handling with common templates where information automatically forms graphs and visualizations. 


Digital QA/QC Inspections

Easily conduct site inspections and track follow-ups 

Effortless inspections 

  • Digital QA/QC Records 

  • Audit trails of resolutions and approvals 

  • Customizable checklists, forms, and workflows 

  • Mobile app providing all project information and BIM models in the palm of your hand 

Digital Deliverables
Still using paper forms?  

By leveraging our Field App, access customized digital forms and checklists from any mobile deviceAccess the BIM data and make mark-ups directly to the models or drawings. 

Sending images and video via email or text? 

With FulcrumHQ, all QA/QC Reports and supporting information is easily accessible within our CDE. 


Digital Defects Management   

Digital checklists and dashboards for managing defects   

Trusted and transparent defects management

  • Records of QA/QC inspections

  • Audit trails of resolutions and approvals 

  • Customizable workflows for defect resolution 

  • Mobile app for capturing defect data directly on-site 

Several Platforms Screenshot
Still using paper forms or email? 

Digital QA/QC forms can trigger automated workflows to ensure defects are properly identified and managed.   

Defects not getting fixed? 

All defects information is easily tracked and linked directly to 3D BIM models, ensuring that nothing gets forgotten. 


Digital Asset Handover

Use FulcrumHQ to handover a living digital twin, with a memory  

Digitally handover with a single source of truth and AR/VR

  • Digital asset models 

  • All other handover docs including as-built records, manufacturers’ specs, warranties, and maintenance manuals 

  • Owners can inspect the asset using 3D Scanners or VR Goggles 

  • Mobile app for capturing defect data directly on-site

BIM Model 1
Conducting handover with large volumes of paper, drawings, and manuals? 

With FulcrumHQ all handover documentation can be digitized, summarized, and generated automatically.  Further, a data-rich Asset Information Model containing all information, from concept to as-built, can be handed over to the client. 

Handover docs being damaged or misplaced?  

With FulcrumHQ, all handover information has been gathered and stored centrally, since the project’s inception. 


Real-time Asset Monitoring 

Monitor and track your assets’ performance after completion 

One digital platform to monitor your building’s performance

  • High-fidelity digital twin as a default, when building using FulcrumHQ 

  • Brownfield digital twinning from as-built BIM models


  • Extend the utility of your BIM by incorporating real-time data feeds from sensor and IoT devices

  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 40% with effective asset monitoring 

Digi Asset Performance
Do you want a digital twin on project completion? 

FulcrumHQ supports ongoing monitoring for the life of your assetUsing sensors and IoT devices, FulcrumHQ integrates real-time data feeds providing a living, breathing, digital twin. 

Monitoring the performance of your assets manually or not at all?

FulcrumHQ can act as a complete digital platform for asset monitoring and tracking of key operating parameters.


Digital Operations and Maintenance 

Use FulcrumHQ for ongoing asset management 

Integrate BIM data into Facilities Management 

  • BIM Data available in the cloud 

  • Easily integrate FulcrumHQ data with any Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system 

  • Access asset information including manuals and warrantees 

  • Easily access building performance information 

BIM Model 1
Are Facilities Management (FM) teams lacking BIM data? 

With FulcrumHQ, FM teams have access to data-rich BIM models which integrate seamlessly with any CAFM system using our Open API.  This supports organizations to move from reactive maintenance programs to predictive ones.  

Using different tools to manage maintenance and building upgrades?

FulcrumHQ can act as a digital platform for operations and maintenance with cloud-based access to asset information and performance metrics.