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FulcrumHQ Platform Capabilities

Launch unified projects of tomorrow with a single end-to-end construction management platform with building information modeling (BIM) at its core.

Collaboration & Communication

business team working in an office
Access intelligent construction management using a common data environment (CDE), powered by advanced AI.

Unified common data environment (CDE)

With FulcrumHQ's fully integrated and unified CDE, your teams can facilitate seamless communication and a streamlined data exchange. Our platform lets you work smarter, not harder, by optimizing information request processes, enabling data-driven decisions and delivering powerful document management and customization.

Real-time, cloud-based collaboration

Now, you can work simultaneously with others in the cloud using configurable workflows and integrated BIM and document management. Our collaboration capabilities streamline team communication, improve project outcomes, reduce time inefficiencies and adapt to your project requirements. Additionally, you'll have access to the following capabilities:

  • Intelligent submittals and transmittals
  • Comprehensive drawing and
    document management
  • Efficient requests for information (RFIs)
  • Data-driven change orders
  • Robust document control
  • Tailored workflow design and configuration
  • ISO 19650 support

AI-Powered Quality Control & Model Checking

man wearing a hard hat holding a tablet
Maintain compliance, standardization and automation, all powered by machine intelligence and the world's most advanced computational BIM.

Powerful AI and machine intelligence for efficient quality control

Put compliance, standardization and quality control at the center of your operations. With robust AI capabilities, maintaining quality standards doesn't have to come at the cost of your productivity or efficiency. Our full-stack Al technology supports a variety of open standards and file formats, including openBIM, IFC and BCF.

The FulcrumHQ platform drives compliance, standardization and automation by leveraging intelligent machine intervention and the world’s most advanced computational BIM. Thanks to state-of-the-art algorithmic checking, it's easier than ever to successfully execute model quality and regulatory compliance.

Computational BIM With GIS Integration

BIM visualization dashboard graphic
Use the world's most advanced collaborative BIM viewer to manage model coordination, takeoff, issue tracking and more.

Powerful BIM visualization and computation capabilities, in the cloud

Streamline data coordination, ensure data accuracy, improve scheduling and budgeting, and manage your assets more efficiently. 

FulcrumHQ empowers users with proactive error detection, automated model validation, 4D scheduling, 5D cost management and comprehensive facility management in the CDE with full compliance and interoperability featuring open BIM, IFC and BCF standards. Users gain access to the following capabilities:

  • Proactive quality assurance
  • Automated model validation with Al
  • 4D BIM — Scheduling integration
  • 5D BIM — Cost estimation
  • Asset and facility lifecycle management in CDE

Field Management Apps & Checklists

construction workers in the field
Execute effective and integrated management of field operations, enabling comprehensive safety measures and quality assurance.

Quality and safety monitoring, audit and reporting, field management and more

Improve operational efficiency and simplify inspections with comprehensive field management. Ensure safety and quality assurance with site inspections, digital checklists, permits, on-site asset registration, incident tracking and service requests. Our apps and checklists are available via iOS and Android mobile devices so you can work with the most flexibility, whether you're in the office or out on the field.

Features include:

  • Digital RFIs
  • Digital QA/QC checks
  • Digital safety management
  • Digital defects management

Analytics & Dashboards

dashboard graphic
Make data-driven decisions fueled by comprehensive data visualization and customized dashboards and analytics.

Actionable insights for performance optimization

Keep tabs on the progress of your projects and of individual stakeholders, and monitor the safety, quality and resolution of incidents. Our real-time analysis can be customized to your teams and tailored to the visual formats that best serve your users. 

FulcrumHQ empowers precise construction management, enhances decision-making and improves the visibility of project metrics. These dashboards are highly configurable. Additionally, FulcrumHQ allows you to integrate with Microsoft PowerBI or the business intelligence platform of your choice.

Interoperability, APIs & Open Standards

professional male working on laptop in office
Leverage the power of open standards and application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect to existing systems and enable interoperability.

Connect your ecosystem using open standards and APIs

Work with the authoring tools of your choice, and connect with other data sources to create a cohesive unified source of truth. Break down data silos with support for openBIM and file types including IFC and BCF. These capability features include:

  • Design and authoring tool synchronization
  • Reality capture support
  • Internet of Things (IoT) device support

Security & Data Access

laptop security
Enterprise-grade security helps you meet the most stringent requirements. Implement sophisticated access controls and permissions for your team and ecosystem partners.

User permissions management and data security

Manage user access permissions, secure data and enable ISO 19650 compliance across your organization. Our security and compliance capabilities facilitate audits and electronic signatures, and they support mobile access and multifactor authentication all within the CDE. With FulcrumHQ, you'll also enjoy the following capability features:

  • Role-based restrictions
  • Encrypted data storage

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