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Discover how we deliver BIM-enabled solutions for asset owners, governments, regulatory agencies, architects and engineers. 

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

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Ease collaboration among designers, engineers and builders with real-time cloud-based technology — and enhance project outcomes.

Manage your project assets and introduce automation into your team's internal workflows

Keep all of your digital assets connected under one roof with our single, centralized repository of customer data. Our modern digital workspaces offer high configurability and integrated document management for secure, smart collaboration.

Increase collaboration throughout a project's entire lifecycle

FulcrumHQ's innovative and integrated digital capabilities offer our AEC partners and customers a unique competitive edge. With all of your teams working from the same set of digital assets, you can make efficient, strategic and collective decisions. Once you've unified your ecosystem, you can also introduce new organizational improvements by automating repeatable tasks and integrating workflows and supply chains. 

Asset & Infrastructure Owners

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Transform your vision into a reality, and promote transparency across your entire portfolio for increased early buy-in.

Bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds

Bring data together from a diverse range of systems, devices and sensors to create smarter and more efficient operations that support both your maintenance and operational teams. Thanks to seamless interoperability of FulcrumHQ's open standards — allowing for information exchange from building information modeling (BIM) to geographic information system (GIS) and GIS to BIM, you can expand your digital presence and increase ROI. Our end-to-end delivery solution accelerates your asset lifecycle and orchestrates seamless collaboration across key stakeholders. 

Regulatory Agencies

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Maintain total compliance across all public regulatory bodies: fire, sanitary and water, environmental, building code, land use and zoning, and parking services.

Streamline the building consent and permitting processes

Welcome to the world's most advanced and sophisticated technology solutions for regulatory agencies and multi-agency entities. Now, it's easier to facilitate the building process and ensure compliance measures are met with a platform that streamlines the entire project lifecycle from initial design to final handoff. Our flagship platform, FulcrumHQ, leverages AI technology and advanced algorithms to ease collaboration and automate workflows across teams and departments.


business professionals working in a conference room
Empower your community's socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable, reliable and progressive infrastructure of tomorrow.

Transform cities, countries and economies

We work inclusively and collaboratively at the local, regional and global levels to reimagine the way government entities successfully execute infrastructure and construction projects of all sizes. As a trusted government partner, we take on civil infrastructure projects worth hundreds of billions of dollars across water, transportation, energy, defense, smart integrated estates and precincts, manufacturing, industry and public housing. 

Facilitate projects within a single, unified ecosystem

The FulcrumHQ platform empowers government organizations to oversee projects of all sizes with more flexibility, collaboration and transparency than ever before. Additionally, FulcrumHQ's centralized repository allows governments at all levels to make informed, data-backed decisions about the future.