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FulcrumHQ FAQ

General & Project Types

What makes FulcrumHQ unique in the AEC industry?

FulcrumHQ is a unified Common Data Environment and collaboration platform, supporting advanced multidimensional models, interactive model federation, and sophisticated computational BIM enabled by AI/ML technologies.

What project types can FulcrumHQ handle?

Services include infrastructure, heavy civil, commercial construction, mixed use and residential developments, new construction and retrofit projects. FulcrumHQ caters to large-scale horizontal or vertical construction projects.

Are there case studies available?

Yes, you can find several case studies showcasing various uses of FulcrumHQ on our website. Explore case studies here. 

Integration, Compatibility, & File Support

How does FulcrumHQ encourage collaborative design?

FulcrumHQ encourages real-time collaboration with multidisciplinary stakeholders through cloud-based design review meetings, in-app messaging, and markup tools.

Can FulcrumHQ integrate with existing data management systems and BIM tools?

Yes, FulcrumHQ can integrate into your existing infrastructure, supporting your workflows and enhancing functionality with robust computational BIM capabilities. It is compatible with BIM tools like Revit, AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and can connect with business intelligence tools like PowerBI.

Compliance & Data Security

Does FulcrumHQ support ISO 19650 compliance?

Yes, FulcrumHQ provides robust support for ISO 19650, aligning with guidelines for versioning, organized project data, and maintaining document management controls.

Does FulcrumHQ align with openBIM?

FulcrumHQ aligns with the openBIM framework, promoting transparency and cooperation in the industry by supporting formats like IFC and BCF.

How does FulcrumHQ ensure data security?

FulcrumHQ safeguards data with advanced encryption standards, strict user permission settings, and region-specific data centers.

Can FulcrumHQ meet owner-specific standards?

Yes, FulcrumHQ's flexible platform can incorporate customized workflows, rules, and checklists to meet owner-specific standards and requirements.

Features & Efficiency

How does FulcrumHQ streamline daily operations?

FulcrumHQ automates document management, issue tracking, and asset registry, helping streamline project management.

Can you describe the model checking and clash detection features?

Using automated clash detection, FulcrumHQ identifies design conflicts for quick resolution, early in the construction process, increasing coordination and efficiency. See more on model checking and clash detection here

How does FulcrumHQ use AI/ML and computational BIM?

FulcrumHQ employs AI/ML for analyzing project data for patterns and predictions, and computational BIM for automating processes, improving project outcomes, and reducing risks.

How does FulcrumHQ facilitate field management?

FulcrumHQ supports real-time task allocation, tracking, and resource management. Its mobile app allows field staff to access project information, manage progress, and raise issues, bridging the gap between field and office.

How does FulcrumHQ contribute to sustainability?

FulcrumHQ supports energy-efficient designs, monitors resource usage, minimizes waste, and reduces the overuse of materials, contributing to project sustainability.

Mobile Functionality, Data Management, & Analytics

Is FulcrumHQ accessible via mobile?

Yes, FulcrumHQ's dedicated mobile app allows real-time updates, communication among project stakeholders, and efficient data management on the go.

How does FulcrumHQ handle data visualization and management?

FulcrumHQ offers interactive dashboards, 3D views, data filtering, and searching for managing and visualizing large data sets.

Can data be exported from FulcrumHQ for analysis?

Yes, project data can be exported for external analysis. FulcrumHQ also provides built-in analytics and reporting tools for in-depth insights and progress monitoring.

Customization, Support, & Training

Can FulcrumHQ be customized for individual projects?

Yes, FulcrumHQ can be customized to meet specific project requirements including workflow definitions, data fields, permission settings, and alerts.

How long does it take for a team to become proficient in using FulcrumHQ?

Most teams become proficient within a few weeks, supported by our online resources, tutorials, and continuous assistance.

What does FulcrumHQ's customer support include?

FulcrumHQ's customer support offers setup assistance, dedicated training sessions, and swift issue resolution.

Procurement, Implementation, & Testing

What are the costs and requirements for implementing FulcrumHQ?

FulcrumHQ offers various plans to suit different project sizes and organizational needs. For pricing information, please contact our sales team.

What technical prerequisites are needed for FulcrumHQ?

A stable internet connection and contemporary browser versions are the main technical prerequisites.

Can FulcrumHQ be implemented in phases?

Yes, phased implementation is possible, easing the transition and reducing disruption to operations.

Can we test FulcrumHQ's features for internal use cases?

Yes, a demo version is available for testing FulcrumHQ's features, and we can arrange a customized walkthrough. Contact us to discuss.