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Making the Leap to ISO 19650 Certification With FulcrumHQ 

Indonesian construction giant Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring standardizes digital practices with FulcrumHQ 

Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring (NKE), a leading Indonesian construction and engineering company with a proven track record in both civil and building works, embarked on a digital transformation journey with the ambitious goal of achieving ISO 19650 certification within two years. Explore how FulcrumHQ, a comprehensive Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) platform, empowered NKE to streamline BIM adoption, enhance project collaboration, and ultimately achieve its certification goals.

The Context

NKE, known for its innovative solutions and expertise, embarked on a digital transformation journey in 2020. Recognizing the importance of standardized digital practices, they sought to achieve ISO 19650 certification by 2022.


The Challenge

NKE aimed to:

  • Implement a robust CDE for the Ciputra's Delft Apartment Project in Makassar, Indonesia.
  • Establish complex design and approval workflows compliant with ISO 19650.
  • Enhance site management with digital tools for safety and quality control.


The Solution

NKE selected FulcrumHQ as their CDE platform. FulcrumHQ's comprehensive solution provided:

  • A secure CDE for centralized data management.
  • Streamlined ISO 19650 implementation within 3 months.
  • Integrated digital delivery for design, construction, and site operations.
  • User-friendly mobile access for real-time project updates.
  • Interactive dashboards for enhanced project visibility.


Key Outcomes

NKE successfully achieved:

  • ISO 19650 certification through FulcrumHQ's CDE implementation.
  • Standardized workflows for improved project efficiency.
  • Upskilled workforce prepared for future digital projects.

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Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring


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Indonesia's largest independent construction and engineering company, building the nation's infrastructure and landmarks since 1982. 

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