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Transforming a National Transport Network Through a Centralized Digital Platform 

Singapore's Land Transport Authority boosts efficiency and collaboration in infrastructure delivery with FulcrumHQ. 

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore oversees a land transport network of more than 12,000 lane-kilometers of roads, over 5,000 bus stops, and 230 mass rapid transit stations throughout the island nation. The LTA selected LeapThought's FulcrumHQ for its common data environment and integrated digital delivery platform, with the aim of transforming the entire lifecycle of infrastructure projects.

The Context

Understanding the past to predict the future.

  • The JRL and CRL are new Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines that are estimated to be completed in phases in 2027 and 2029, respectively. With a cumulative budget of $60 billion, both the JRL and CRL are significant investments in Singapore's transport infrastructure, aimed at improving connectivity and enhancing the travel experience for commuters.

  • FulcrumHQ was chosen to digitalize workflows, reduce inefficiencies, and improve collaboration between LTA and its contractors and consultants. All stakeholders use FulcrumHQ as the common data environment and integrated digital delivery platform for the design and construction of the two lines.

Key Requirements

  • Creation of a Common Data Environment to digitalize LTA’s design and engineering activities to transform end to end lifecycle of Infrastructure Projects.

  • To be ISO 19650 certified, as the second transport agency in the world to do so and the first in Asia. It will remove manual data collection, multiple untraceable data sources, manual dependencies and replacing it with a single source of truth: common data environment where standard LTA taxonomy is enforced by the system.

  • To be deployed within Government Commercial Cloud and be fully browser-based offering users advanced 3D viewing and interrogation tools with predetermined workflows cutting down the inefficiencies often arising from manual data transfer.

  • Integration of multiple data points and processes so that LTA can integrate and streamline the fragmented digital tools that are currently available for offices from multiple vendors.

The Solution

Delivery and operation of FulcrumHQ as the Common Data Environment (CDE) and Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) platform.

  • End-to-end managed service, fully setup and operationalized within a few months of award – including configuration, training and change management for LTA Staff, and their appointed consultants and contractors. Ongoing consulting and best practice advice and hands-on operational support.

  • A secure, highly available, common data environment and integrated digital delivery for design and construction stages including the comprehensive site management.

  • Rich, meaningful, and interactive dashboards for all parties to stay on top of their project contexts.

  • Singapore Government Commercial Cloud Deployed with all data both in transit and at rest held in Singapore.

Key Outcomes

Standardization through repeatability, compliance, and transparency.

  • Improved information management and traceability with better documentation and data accuracy ensuring clarity of information. Allocation of clearly defined tasks to each employee, thus maximizing the productivity and efficiency of teams.

  • FULCRUMHQ enabled compliance with international ISO 19650 standards for managing information over the whole lifecycle of a built asset using BIM.

  • Digitalized issues management ensuring compliance checks, scenario planning, and clash detection to keep safety issues to a minimum.

  • Centralization of data & new technologies including VR, in FulcrumHQ, allows for improved data management across one digital dataset. This makes quality assurance across design and construction more robust.

  • FulcrumHQ has been built taking the needs of users, and their pain points, and can shift with the changing needs of projects and new processes of the future.

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Land Transport Authority (LTA)


Governement - transporation 


LTA is a statutory board under the Ministry of Transport in Singapore. The LTA is responsible for planning, building, and maintaining Singapore's land transport infrastructure. In addition to its regulatory and infrastructure development role, the LTA also works to improve public transport services and promote the use of sustainable modes of transport in Singapore.

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