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Explore What's Possible With FulcrumHQ

Optimize the entire construction lifecycle, from pre-design to handover and ongoing operations.

Digital Information Management

Digital Information Management
Organize, store and retrieve digital information with ease throughout the lifecycle of your building project.

Unify data, documents, models, communications and more

Ensure the digital information generated throughout the duration of your project is effectively managed for consistency and interoperability across different software platforms and project phases. 

More than just a common data environment (CDE), our complete digital information management solution brings information together in one platform, enabling stakeholders to access contextual, relevant data. Workspaces can be defined based on role and access requirements. 

  • Create and respond to RFIs in a fraction of the time
  • Streamline submittals, transmittals and approvals with effortless automation
  • Generate BIM-based documentation for reduced discrepancies and improved productivity
  • Create file management for all project information
  • Utilize automated version control (in compliance with ISO 19650 standards)
  • Access cloud-based 2D and 3D viewers with annotations and issue tracking

Digital Design & Analysis

Digital Design & Analysis
Elevate your design and analysis workflows across the entire architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO) project lifecycle.

Facilitate an integrated approach to design and analysis

Enable collaborative design and empower stakeholders to make informed decisions with our cloud-native platform. Visualize, coordinate and optimize building information modeling (BIM) and geographic information system (GIS) models with a centralized platform — a single source of truth for all design data.

  • Facilitate virtual integrated concurrent engineering (ICE) and coordination meetings
  • Automate design visualization and checking using machine intelligence
  • Proactively detect and resolve clashes within federated models
  • Analyze building performance to optimize for energy efficiency, sustainability and occupant comfort

BIM-Based Estimation & Scheduling

BIM-Based Estimation & Scheduling
Leverage rich data to improve cost estimation accuracy, streamline project scheduling and enhance your construction management processes.

Take your BIM practices to the next dimension

With FulcrumHQ, users can easily search and query BIM data and extract quantity take-off (QTO) and sequencing information. Stakeholders can also automatically extract information, including unit rates for each element, to develop costing models and QTO documentation. Additionally, project teams using FulcrumHQ gain access to:

  • Estimate costs using BIM data
  • Coordinate logistics
  • Integrate sequencing and scheduling data
  • Reduce time spent on the QTO process

Monitoring & Quality Control

Monitoring & Quality Control
Track and monitor your projects with our comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard, complete with robust data visualization.

Conduct site inspections and track follow-ups

FulcrumHQ’s dashboard provides an overview of project health and status. For optimal flexibility, you can access BIM data, digital forms and checklists via our mobile app.

What's possible with FulcrumHQ?

  • Manage QA/QC records
  • Track resolutions and approvals with a full audit trail
  • Create customized checklists, forms and workflows
  • Access all project information with our mobile apps

Collaboration & Integration

Collaboration & Integration
Collaborate and communicate effortlessly with the benefits of a cloud-native platform.

Revolutionize the way your construction projects are planned, designed and executed

With FulcrumHQ, it's easy to bring in key stakeholders at any phase of a project's development. With real-time cloud-based access, stakeholders can access the latest and most up-to-date project details at all times. By leveraging version control, users track changes, revisions and updates to project files. 

Plus, with advanced integration capabilities, users can sync all of their project-related communications in one place, including email, chat, video conferencing platforms and more. Additionally, users gain access to:

  • Federate and coordinate models in the cloud
  • Integrate with the construction management and authoring tools of your choice
  • Contextualize communications alongside all project information and models

Asset & Facility Management

Asset & Facility Management
Carry out real-time digital asset monitoring and performance management over the course of the asset lifecycle.

Optimize asset performance with high-fidelity digital twins

FulcrumHQ supports ongoing monitoring for the life of your asset. Using sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, FulcrumHQ integrates real-time data feeds to provide a digital clone. 

As your complete digital platform, FulcrumHQ empowers you to:

  • Access detailed asset registers and information 
  • Monitor building performance and sustainability in real time 
  • Schedule and manage maintenance

Sustainability & Environmental Analysis

Sustainability & Environmental Analysis
Meet your sustainability and environmental impact goals with next-generation machine intelligence.

Leverage computational BIM to predict and optimize performance

Use the power of AI to analyze and optimize designs for sustainability goals. Meet global certifications, including LEED and Green Mark. With the help of FulcrumHQ, owners, operators and regulatory authorities can more seamlessly:

  • Measure energy consumption and conduct efficiency analysis
  • Analyze designs for environmental impact and sustainability

Risk Management & Safety

Risk Management & Safety
Fortify risk and safety management with digital field management, proactive monitoring and data analysis.

Improve risk and safety posture by centralizing relevant information

Use iOS and Android apps for safety management in the field. Centralize data for visibility and predictive insights. As adopters of the FulcrumHQ platform, project teams also gain access to:

  • Safety analysis and hazard identification
  • Field apps for site inspections, safety analysis and hazard identification
  • The ability to make data-informed decisions on risk identification and mitigation strategies

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Legal & Regulatory Compliance
Check models for legal and regulatory compliance using AI and machine intelligence.

Automate regulatory checks on federated BIMs

FulcrumHQ helps your team prioritize compliance at every stage of your project's lifecycle. Our cloud-based BIM platform uses access controls and sophisticated authentication to safeguard against data breaches or security threats. Plus, with the help of version controls and audit trails, you control who has access to which information at all times. Additionally, by housing a centralized repository of compliance documentation, teams can easily create, manage and store compliance documentation — including permits, licenses, contracts and regulatory filings at all times.

  • Automatically check your models against building codes
  • Manage permit application processes and documentation 

Learn how FulcrumHQ achieves these things by exploring our platform's capabilities