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Intelligent Construction Management Software

FulcrumHQ for Project Teams

Experience better outcomes for large-scale construction: Break down silos, improve productivity and reduce rework.

3 construction managers reviewing plans on laptop 3 construction managers reviewing plans on laptop
two construction workers working on-site with a laptop

BIM-Enabled Collaboration

FulcrumHQ gets your teams working together, faster, on a single, highly configurable platform that puts building information modeling (BIM) at its core. This unified platform allows your teams to centralize project communications for more efficient delivery.

architect and engineer viewing 3D model of buildings

BIM Checking & Visualization

Federate and interrogate BIMs in your browser, plus collaborate in real time. FulcrumHQ supports 3D through 7D and beyond BIM with machine-powered algorithms to ensure an always current and compliant model you can trust.


AI-Powered Quality Control

Use predictive insights to guide you to better project outcomes. Drive compliance, standardization and automation through intelligent machine intervention and the world’s most advanced AI-enabled model checking.

Why project teams choose FulcrumHQ

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Centralized Information & Documentation

FulcrumHQ breaks down information silos by centralizing project information, models and documentation. Give your team access from anywhere on any device.

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Frictionless User Adoption

Onboard and connect your teams with ease. FulcrumHQ maps to your existing practices while being intuitive and easy to adopt.

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Secure Platform Access & User Permissions

Sophisticated access control ensures that your data is safe and all stakeholders have access only to the right information.

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Regulatory Adherence

Drive compliance, safety and accountability with machine-powered compliance checking, integrated field management and complete auditability.

Flexible Deployment Models

Available as SaaS or a dedicated offering for your enterprise, either on-premises or on your private cloud

Flexible Deployment-2

Choose from our flexible deployment models that seamlessly sync with your existing tech stack. Access the FulcrumHQ platform on your preferred public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Azure and Google Cloud) while using your preferred device (Android, Apple and Microsoft Store). 

Supporting the Entire Project Lifecycle

Transforming Your Vision into a Reality

LeapThought is paving the way toward a digitally empowered future. We're remapping the traditional norms, combining reliability with forward-thinking technology and dynamic intelligence.  Learn More


Deploy our end-to-end solution for asset management and collaboration

As you kick off the preliminary stages of a new project, access all of the assets you need in one place. This allows you to collaborate across RFIs, submissions, and approvals. You can also view, collaborate, and make notes on models and drawings. Thanks to our cloud-based platform, you and your team can also integrate GIS datasets, access our world-leading BIM viewer, and monitor design checks to optimize your buildability.



Create new assets with AI-powered BIM model checking and visualization

Get more from your BIM by bringing the model to the field. Our clash detection, coordination, BIM-based estimation, and scheduling capabilities, and highly configurable workflows ensure your internal systems work the way you do. Then, take your digital asset outcomes to the next level with digital construction monitoring, digital logistics, and quality control.


Handover & Acceptance

Ensure a seamless transition from construction to operation

Once it's time to hand over your digital assets, our platform helps you to reduce friction from contractors to owners. With a complete record of the development in the FulcrumHQ for Project Teams platform, owners gain access to a rich digital clone, or high-fidelity digital twin, and automated asset registration. Both features work to streamline the acceptance process and bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. 

Operation & Maintenance

Gain access to full lifecycle information

Finally, use FulcrumHQ for Project Teams to carry out asset management, space management, site inspection, and upgrades as you streamline your operations. Our platform provides out-of-the-box reporting across scheduling, sequencing, QS, and BIM to optimize performance and iterate successful processes. And with metrics such as BIM-Based Cost Estimation, Digital Scheduling and Sequencing, and Digital Progress Monitoring, you can keep your teams accountable and focused on big-picture goals.


Stay on the cutting edge of innovation

Streamline your end-to-end project lifecycle

Get your teams working in the same direction, toward the same goals. FulcrumHQ for Projects delivers comprehensive solutions across the entire project lifecycle. Speak with our team to get started today.

3 construction managers looking at laptop