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LeapThought sponsors buildingSMART international standards conference

LeapThought sponsors buildingSMART international standards conference


LeapThought, a global leader in advanced technologies for the construction industry, is proud to announce its platinum sponsorship of the upcoming buildingSMART International Standards Conference in Lillestrøm, Norway, from 18-21 September 2023. This prestigious event underscores LeapThought's commitment to promoting open industry standards and data interoperability as key drivers of innovation and sustainability in construction technology.

Embracing the central theme of supporting open standards, the event will feature LeapThought's participation, leveraging its credentials as a leader in construction technology. The conference will explore the integrated role that data and platform interoperability play in driving the construction sector forward, leading to better project outcomes, improved safety standards, heightened efficiency, and enhanced sustainability measures.

LeapThought recognizes buildingSMART's efforts in spearheading the advancement of open standards in the construction industry. As Ratnakar Garikipati, LeapThought Group CEO, Chair and Founder notes, "buildingSMART has been a catalyst, driving the adoption of open BIM standards, thereby ensuring more seamless and integrated project execution. LeapThought is proud to support this vision."

FulcrumHQ — an intelligent construction management platform by LeapThought — is making a significant contribution to maximizing the benefits of open standards. FulcrumHQ embodies LeapThought’s ingenuity and commitment to open standards through the fusion of advanced technologies and construction management.

LeapThought invites all participants to join them at the buildingSMART Standards Conference to share in their ambitious vision of a more interconnected and sustainable future for construction.

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