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Singapore Building and Construction Authority Implements World’s 1st of its kind national regulatory processing platform

Singapore Building and Construction Authority Implements World’s 1st of its kind national regulatory processing platform

Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority (BCA) was established to oversee the building and construction industry and ensure the development of a safe, high-quality, sustainable, and friendly built environment in Singapore. BCA has helped increase the industry’s productivity by an average of 2.8% per year from 2010-2020. This percentage is healthy, but BCA recognized the need to increase productivity even more due to Singapore's major development growth. 

BCA identified a major slowdown in productivity to be the uncoordinated regulatory process of eight agencies separately obtaining regulatory approvals at each stage of a project from planning, design, and construction through to occupancy. This has been incredibly time consuming and very costly for all stakeholders involved. Somehow regulatory processes for multiple agencies needed to be streamlined.

After a long and exhaustive tender process fiercely contested by many global AEC software companies, LeapThought’s AEC software solution platform, FulcrumHQ was selected for Singapore’s BCA to bring together a common data environment. This would allow multiple regulatory agencies to receive and process submissions in a collaborative manner issuing a coordinated response to the industry. Further enhancing efficiencies, the platform provides integration with multi-agency backends. FulcrumHQ opens bi-directional interoperability from BIM to GIS and GIS to BIM to allow a machine to compute compliance checks involving diverse data sets. 

There is now a central and a common data environment allowing large volumes of data to be indexed and made available for future analytics purposes with potential to unlock unprecedented sectorial innovation. There is full traceability and chronology from the initial submissions through all resubmissions underpinned by version control for issues created by both machine and humans from creation through to resolution. FulcrumHQ offers rich, meaningful, and interactive dashboards for all parties to stay on top of their project contexts. 

There has been a significant streamlining of regulatory processes for Singapore as FulcrumHQ is rolled out to the industry. Developers are beginning to see the benefits from overall cost savings, reduced compliance risks, and efficiency gains realized through coordinated responses.  Qualified Persons (QPs) now have a true one-stop shopfront experience. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is no longer dealing with individual regulatory agencies separately by utilizing the world’s first of its kind national regulatory processing platform, FulcrumHQ powered by AWS. BCA is looking forward to reporting the major percentage growth in productivity over the next 10 years!

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