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Building a Smart Mixed-Use Estate for the Future

JTC leverages FulcrumHQ for Woodlands North Coast, a vibrant mixed use estate in the northern region of Singapore

JTC, a champion of sustainable industrial development, leverages cutting-edge tech to build a world-class, mixed-use estate. This ambitious project near Singapore's border with Malaysia demands a sophisticated digital platform for collaboration among stakeholders. LeapThought's FulcrumHQ integrated digital delivery (IDD) platform connects JTC with consultants, contractors, and suppliers, ensuring efficient project delivery.

The Challenge

JTC required a cutting-edge digital platform to manage this multifaceted development project. The platform needed to:

  • Orchestrate seamlessly: Ensure smooth collaboration across diverse stakeholders throughout the entire infrastructure lifecycle, with complete traceability, transparency, compliance, and standardization.

  • Standardize for efficiency: Create a data-rich platform that serves as a digital record for various project types, including offices, logistics networks, and infrastructure.

  • Enable real-time collaboration: Offer enterprise-grade secure access for all parties, including on-site staff, fostering real-time collaboration using modern practices.


The Solution

Since 2015, FulcrumHQ has served as the integrated digital delivery (IDD) and common data platform for this ambitious project. It connects JTC with consultants, contractors, and suppliers, enabling:

  • Modern digital engineering: Over 2,000 users leverage FulcrumHQ's innovative features for cutting-edge workflows.

  • Unprecedented standardization: New projects onboard within days, with streamlined training and change management.

  • Cost savings and transparency: Operational efficiency gains lead to significant cost savings, while a digital footprint captures all project information.

  • Advanced Reporting & Insights: Comprehensive dashboards provide JTC with deep project insights for seamless and compliant monitoring.

This innovative partnership between JTC and LeapThought paves the way for a sustainable smart estate that thrives on collaboration and efficiency.


JTC Corp. 


Government – industrial development


JTC, a Singaporean government agency, plans and develops sustainable industrial estates, attracting talent and fostering vibrant communities.

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