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Property Aquisition Management for Auckland Transport

Property Aquisition Management for Auckland Transport

Auckland Transport Agency together with LeapThought’s innovative construction collaboration product FulcrumHQ, address “land and property acquisition, the #1 risk for project construction being delivered on time.” Over 1300 Property Acquisitions will need to take place from 2012-2042 to keep the construction projects being delivered on time for Auckland Transport.

The Context:

Digitizing the #1 risk process for construction projects - land acquisition

  • Several large multi-billion-dollar, 10-year plus construction projects alongside 200 plus others with budgets ranging between $1 million and $1 billion dollars dependent on efficient land and property acquisitions.

  • Property and Land acquisition has been identified as the number one risk to construction projects being delivered on time. Delays to construction can lead to millions of dollars in penalties, delayed benefits realization, as well as additional costs to land acquisition budgets.

The Challenge:

A highly complex and demanding process

The Property Acquisition process:

  • Is complex and demanding and can take up to a year to complete with significant risks including financial, schedule, legal and reputational.

  • Often involves multiple properties, interested parties and stakeholders including communities and special interest groups impacted and who must be consulted and informed throughout the process.

  • Must comply with complex legislative and legal process with demanding requirements while being managed within a complex set project interdependencies that impact project delivery timeframes, costs, and contractual obligations.

  • Has complex requirements pertaining to process collaboration across parties, document management, compliance, audibility and reporting, as well as driving consistency across all acquisitions.

The Solution:

Transparent, consistent, and compliant process

  • Leveraging FulcrumHQ, the PLA process is fully digitized in line with legislative requirements through modern digital workspaces underpinned by advanced collaboration, document management, and process digitization capabilities.

  • A scalable, extensible and secure platform enables internal and external parties involved in Property Acquisitions across multiple capital projects collaborate and exchange information, documents and files in a transparent, compliant, consistent, controlled, and federated manner.

Key Outcomes:

Transparent and compliant

  • A world-class award-winning business solution successfully delivered and translated into considerable cost savings through operational efficiency gains while at the same time digitizing a complex legislative process.

  • AT’s “number one risk” on capital infrastructure projects addressed.

  • Manual process and use of complex spreadsheets prone to errors and inconsistencies eliminated by delivering an integrated, digitized process that enables internal and external parties to collaborate, communicate and share documents and information from one place in a transparent, consistent and compliant manner.

  • Comprehensive status reporting and monitoring enabled through integrated and enriched information.

Auckland Transport is the agency responsible for the ongoing delivery and management of an integrated transport system to meet the needs of New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing city – Auckland. It is anticipated Auckland will grow from 1.57 million to 2.57 million people over the next 30 years.


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