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Forging the Future With a 1500-Acre Innovation District

FulcrumHQ Orchestrates $20 Billion Smart Estate Development with Seamless Collaboration in Singapore

Singapore's Jurong Innovation District (JID) reimagines the industrial landscape. This sprawling 1500-acre (600-hectare) smart estate fosters innovation across advanced manufacturing, clean technologies, and more. FulcrumHQ, the project's Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) platform, seamlessly connects stakeholders and presents a global model for smart estate development – executed with transparency, efficiency, and cutting-edge digital practices.

The Challenge

Singapore’s next-generation integrated smart estate

  • 1500 acres (600 hectares) of development with a time horizon spanning 20 years of continuous development works budgeted at approximately $20 billion.

  • Multiple projects comprising mixed development of offices, industrial, district logistics network and supporting Infrastructure.


Key Requirements

A cutting-edge Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) platform for a state-of-the-art estate that sets the global standard for industrial development.

  • A complex portfolio of projects involving multiple stakeholders and parties to orchestrate seamlessly through the end-to-end infrastructure lifecycle use cases with full traceability, transparency, compliance, and standardization.

  • Requirement for a standardized and data-rich platform creating a digital footprint for different types of projects such as the mixed development of offices, district logistics network, and supporting infrastructure.

  • Platform with enterprise-strength security offering access to all parties, including the site staff with real-time collaboration using modern and cutting-edge practices.

The Solution

  • Delivery and operation of FulcrumHQ as the Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) and a common data environment for all projects involved in this smart estate since 2015.

  • Connecting JTC with their appointed AEC consultants, construction contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers to seamlessly collaborate across all infrastructure delivery lifecycle use cases.

  • Provide modern and cutting-edge digital engineering practices powered by FulcrumHQ’s innovation for over 2000 users actively collaborating.

  • A highly available – zero downtime, extensible, scalable, and secure platform delivered as a managed service with no escalations.

Key Outcomes

Standardization through repeatability, compliance, and transparency.

  • Templated setup for repeatability for SP Group to utilize the recipes for future substations and other greenfield projects.

  • Zero downtime, and zero escalations over the course of the project

  • Seamless transition from design project to construction project offering continuity to both SP Group and their appointed consultants and contractors.

  • Comprehensive site management – safety and quality including multi-disciplinary inspection checklists that are nuanced for the substation.

  • Provided through FulcrumHQ’s Singapore-based SaaS with all data both in transit and at rest ensured in Singapore. Most advanced and cutting-edge digital engineering workflows and capabilities. Safety and multidisciplinary quality inspection forms and checklists.

  • Significant cost savings through operational efficiency gains while creating a living digital footprint for all information created through the end-to-end lifecycle for the entire estate.

  • Unprecedented standardization – with onboarding of new projects within days including training and change management for appointed consultants and contractors.

  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboards offering deeper and richer insights on all project matters enabling JTC to monitor the design and delivery of the projects in a seamless and compliant manner.

Powered by Microsoft Azure

JTC Corp.


Government - industrial development


JTC is a Singapore government agency driving sustainable industrial development. It masterplans eco-friendly and innovative estates, attracting talent and supporting vibrant communities. 

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