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Digitalization Helps SoilBuild Improve Productivity, Efficiency, & Traceability of Precast Components

Digitalization Helps SoilBuild Improve Productivity, Efficiency, & Traceability of Precast Components
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly


Since its inception in 1976, SoilBuild charts over 40 years of success in offering a full spectrum of real estate services which includes Civil Engineering, Design and Build, Construction, Turnkey Construction, Project Management Consultancy, Procurement, Mechanical and Electrical Installation, Precast, and Prefabrication.

They have chosen LeapThought to implement FULCRUMHQ as their common data and integrated digital delivery platform for the design and construction of their greenfield industrial development projects across Thailand to begin, and then subsequently replicate/extend it to other geographies.


Integrated Digital Delivery to support DfMA process

  • SoilBuild is a leading Contractor and Precast provider in Singapore. Through its 2 projects, an Industrial Project and Mixed Commercial-Residential Project, Soilbuild implemented full spectrum of Integrated Digital Delivery supported by FulcrumHQ.

  • FULCRUMHQ was chosen to digitalize the Design for Manufacturing and Assembly process for Precast Volumetric Component such as precast bathroom unit (PBU) and precast apartment component such as a complete bedroom.

  • Through digitalization, SoilBuild wants to improve its productivity, efficiency, and traceability of the precast component from its formwork and rebar stage. This will fit out the finished component and its delivery to site for installation.


Design of process workflow to suit site processes and factory processes that involve manufacturing of the PPVC components.

  • Illustration of complexity a PPVC process from end-to-end involving more than 30 activities and quality checks of holding points requiring different stakeholders such as sub-contractors, quality inspectors, and engineers. The control and approval are all chained into one continuous form and process.

  • Secure platform with tightened access control with stringent governance over the platform allowing both site and factory to communicate seamlessly.

  • All data both in transit and at rest to reside in Singapore.
    iOS and Android access for all site staff for quality and safety compliance requirements with built in workflows to enable seamless, secure and real-time updates.

  • Rich, meaningful, and interactive dashboards for all parties for them to stay on top of their project contexts.


Delivery and operation of FULCRUMHQ as the Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) and a Common Data Platform for both site and DfMA processes through our Singapore based SaaS.

  • Through its comprehensive form and workflow capabilities, FulcrumHQ is able to deliver the site and DfMA process end to end meeting the complex and stringent workflow requirements.

  • FulcrumHQ simplifies the traditional process that has multiple inefficiencies due to manual tracking into a highly efficient machine based automated tracking for precast manufacturing process.

  • Digitalization also simplifies the practice of sharing information across stakeholders located in multiple location with no loss of record and control process involved in the complex precast production, delivery and installation works.


Highly efficient digital workflow improving efficiency and credibility of record keeping.

  • Process and workflow setup for repeatability for SoilBuild for handling multiple type of projects such as residential, commercial, and industrial utilizing the lesson learned from the first 2 projects.

  • Seamless transition from detailed design, factory and formwork setup to construction and installation phase offering continuity to SoilBuild and their appointed consultants and contractors. This is made possible by the Common Data Environment housing all related files, forms, and processes as a single source of truth.

  • Comprehensive site management – safety, quality including multi-disciplinary inspection checklists that are nuanced for the industrial and commercial-residential mixed development.

  • Provided through FULCRUMHQ’s Singapore based SaaS with all data both in transit and at rest ensured in Singapore.

SoilBuild Construction Group Ltd. (the “Group” or “SoilBuild”) is a leading builder with a long and successful track record of constructing a sterling award-winning portfolio of residential and business space properties.


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