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Boosting Prefabrication Efficiency for Precast Components

SoilBuild streamlines digital DfMA with FulcrumHQ, optimizing precast production for improved project delivery.

Construction leader SoilBuild embraces digitalization to optimize its prefabrication (DfMA) process. Through a two-pronged project encompassing an industrial development and a mixed-use building, they implemented FulcrumHQ, a comprehensive Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) solution. Explore how FulcrumHQ supported SoilBuild to achieve enhanced productivity, improved traceability, seamless collaboration, and repeatable success.

The Context

Traditionally, prefabrication involves manual tracking and information silos, hindering project efficiency and repeatability. To optimize its DfMA process, SoilBuild sought a digital solution to streamline workflows and improve project delivery.


The Challenge

SoilBuild's objective was to overcome the inefficiencies associated with manual DfMA processes. They required a solution to:

  • Automate workflows for enhanced efficiency.
  • Improve traceability throughout the precast lifecycle.
  • Facilitate seamless collaboration among stakeholders.
  • Standardize workflows for repeatability across projects.


The Solution

SoilBuild implemented FulcrumHQ, a comprehensive IDD platform, to streamline their DfMA process for two projects – an industrial development and a commercial-residential mixed-use building.  FulcrumHQ provided:

  • Automated workflows for efficient precast manufacturing.
  • Real-time data visibility and secure information management.
  • A centralized platform for seamless collaboration.
  • Standardized workflows captured for future project application.


Key Outcomes

By leveraging FulcrumHQ's DfMA capabilities, SoilBuild achieved:

  • Increased prefabrication efficiency through automated workflows.
  • Enhanced traceability with real-time data and secure information management.
  • Improved collaboration among stakeholders through a centralized platform.
  • Established standardized workflows for repeatable success across projects.

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