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Tunnel Vision: Unified Communication Supports Delivery of Passenger Rail Megaproject

FulcrumHQ powers collaborative delivery for Auckland's City Rail Link – the country's largest infrastructure transport project ever 

City Rail Link (CRL) is a colossal infrastructure project burrowing deep beneath Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. This endeavor aims to extend the existing passenger rail system with twin 3.4km tunnels, reaching depths of up to 42 meters. As one of the country's most ambitious undertakings, with a 10-year delivery schedule and a budget of $4.2 billion, CRL is set to upgrade Auckland's transportation network for its rapidly growing population.

The Context

Faced with a surging urban population, Auckland required a more robust and integrated transport system. The City Rail Link project emerged as a response, aiming to streamline passenger flow and enhance connectivity. However, managing a project of this scale presented a significant challenge: ensuring seamless collaboration and information exchange among diverse stakeholders  – project teams, contractors, and external parties – while maintaining strict compliance with regulations and contractual obligations.

The Challenge

  • Complex stakeholder landscape: Effective communication and data exchange were crucial across over 200 project team members, contractors, and external parties.
  • Extensive documentation management: Streamlining the flow of critical project information, including designs, BIM models, drawings, and contracts, was paramount.
  • Strict compliance requirements: Adherence to legislative and organizational policies for secure information exchange was essential.


The Solution

To address these challenges, CRL implemented FulcrumHQ, a comprehensive integrated digital delivery (IDD) platform. FulcrumHQ established a centralized hub for:

  • Modern digital Workspaces: Streamlined document management, collaboration tools, and advanced workflows.
  • Transparent communication: Secure and auditable information exchange for all project participants.
  • BIM integration: Seamless collaboration around Building Information Models for efficient design and construction.
  • Compliance management: Ensured adherence to regulations and contractual obligations.


Key Outcomes

By leveraging FulcrumHQ, CRL achieved significant project delivery benefits:

  • Enhanced collaboration: Improved communication and information exchange across diverse stakeholders.
  • Cost savings: Operational efficiencies and reduced reliance on third-party software licenses.
  • Risk mitigation: Transparent and auditable workflows ensured regulatory and contractual compliance.
  • Data ownership and control: CRL maintained full control over project documents and artifacts.
FulcrumHQ empowered CRL to navigate the complexities of this mega-project, fostering a collaborative environment that ensured efficient delivery and a successful outcome.


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City Rail Link Ltd (CRL) 


Government - public transportation

New Zealand

Owned by the New Zealand Government and Auckland Council, City Rail Link Ltd is delivering Auckland's transformative City Rail Link project, a twin-tunnel extension to its passenger rail network.

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