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Regional Transport Agency Gears Up for Growth With $60 Billion Infrastructure Push

FulcrumHQ streamlines project delivery for Auckland Transport's 30-year program

Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, is experiencing explosive growth, with its population expected to surge by 1 million in the next three decades. To meet this infrastructure demand, Auckland Transport (AT) is managing a significant 30-year transport program (2012-2042) that was valued at $60 billion in 2012. Auckland Transport partnered with LeapThought to leverage FulcrumHQ, a cutting-edge construction management software platform, to deliver complex infrastructure projects on tight deadlines and budgets.

The Context

An integrated transport system

  • An extensive $60 billion, 30-year capital construction portfolio comprised of numerous rail, roading, and other transport infrastructure projects across the Auckland region.

  • Several multi-billion-dollar 10-year-plus construction projects with large, dedicated project teams distributed across several organizations assembled to deliver each project.

  • 200 plus other capital projects with budgets ranging between $1 million and $1 billion.


The Challenge

  • Complexity, risks, and inconsistencies arise from the manual registration of assets due to a lack of standardization in handling large volumes of drawings, models, and documents. There is a lack of traceability, disparate systems, disjointed processes, and a significantly large number of external consultants, contractors, and sub-contractor organizations.

  • Multiple internal and external stakeholders and parties are required to communicate, collaborate, and exchange documents, designs, and information in a consistent, auditable, secure, transparent, and controlled manner across multiple project phases and contracts. 

  • Project teams need to be compliant with both legislative and organizational policy requirements with workflows to enable critical project processes underpinned by industry standards.


The Solution

Delivery and operation of FulcrumHQ as the common data environment (CDE) and integrated digital delivery (IDD) platform for all projects involved in this Smart Estate since 2014 on Microsoft Azure.

  • An extensible, scalable, and secure platform enabling internal and external project teams and parties to communicate, collaborate and exchange information, BIM models, drawings, and documents in a transparent, compliant, consistent, controlled, and federated manner.

  • Modern digital workspaces underpinned by advanced collaboration, document management, and process digitization capabilities.

Key Outcomes

Transparency and compliance

  • A world-class award-winning strategically aligned business implementation.

  • Considerable cost savings through operational efficiency gains as well as reducing 3rd Party Software Licensing costs by leveraging existing technology investments.

  • Comprehensive document management and transparent, auditable workflows help AT mitigate risk by ensuring compliance with regulations and contracts.

  • Staff productivity and efficiency have increased, and the aggregation of information in one central location leads to effective, data-driven decisions.

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Auckland Transport is responsible for the ongoing delivery and management of an integrated transport system for New Zealand’s largest and fastest-growing city – Auckland.

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