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Auckland Council - Facing Rapid Growth in a Changing Environment

Auckland Council - Facing Rapid Growth in a Changing Environment

Taking an innovative approach with LeapThought delivers a world-class Stormwater Capital Project Portfolio Management Platform for New Zealand’s largest and fastest growing city – Auckland. The land area is spanning 1,086 km2 with changing weather patterns that have unprecedented rain events. It is paramount to protect the people and property with the increased pressure on an aging infrastructure. The $1 billion Stormwater Capital Infrastructure Program is spanning 35 years.

The Context:

Protecting People & Property

  • Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters business unit is responsible for managing the Auckland Regions stormwater flows and run offs through pipes, drains and water ways.

  • With key drivers focused on managing Growth, Renewals, Flood Mitigation and Environmental Impacts, significant focus is given to the ongoing planning and delivery of capital infrastructure projects required meet the Region’s rapidly changing Stormwater and Flood Plain Management requirements.

The Challenge:

Critical data in spreadsheets

  • Stormwater related issues and opportunities identified from multiple sources need to be formally captured and managed to an outcome.

  • Stormwater capital and renewal projects need to be identified, registered, scoped, approved, prioritised, and programmed for delivery as part of a consolidated project portfolio spanning a 35-year view.

  • The end-to-end tracking of project outcomes across the whole project life-cycle and multiple teams is required including integration between ‘portfolio projects’ and ‘delivery projects.’

  • Use of spreadsheets managed by individuals to manage portfolio projects as opposed to a robust systems and consolidated database.

The Solution:

  • Horizon provides an extensible cloud-based platform that is used to track an extensive portfolio of stormwater capital and renewal projects across the end-to-end ‘project’ lifecycle – from Planning to Delivery and Handover to Operations.

  • Horizon also enables the capture of Stormwater Issues, linking these to ‘Portfolio Projects’ and has been extended to managing stormwater catchment planning and modeling work packages and the Regions register of models over time.

Key Outcomes:

  • FULCRUMHQ has enabled a leading practice with global industry validation underpinned by a methodology enabling end-to-end lifecycle visibility of Stormwater capital infrastructure projects portfolio.

  • The dependency on incumbent spreadsheets eliminated with the consolidation of high-quality business critical data in one place that is accessible, standardised, and enriched.

  • Integration with other project management toolsets and associated critical data sets enabled.


“LeapThought provides Healthy Waters with rich data-centric solutions and services critical to how we plan, deliver, operate and renew stormwater infrastructure to meet the demands of growth and changing environmental factors. Their approach and cloud-based solutions have enabled us to rapidly establish, adapt, and grow a common-data platform underpinned by advanced data analytics that informs our business. It is one of the factors that propelled us to a leading position across 25 countries in one of the most prestigious asset management benchmarking surveys.”

- Nina Sardareva, AM Team Lead Healthy Waters, Auckland Council


“LeapThought is a key strategic partner who understand the complex nature of our business as well as the ongoing strategic and operational challenges we deal with...”

- Craig McIlroy, General Manager Healthy Waters, Auckland Council


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