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Next-generation software for the AECO sector and beyond. LeapThought's digital platforms transform infrastructure lifecycle management for the world's most ambitious capital projects in roads, rail, defense, energy, commercial construction and more.

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We Bring Your Physical & Digital Worlds Together
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Connecting Your Ecosystem

Supercharge your infrastructure lifecycle

Connect your entire built environment ecosystem with the world's first integrated digital delivery platform. Our flagship product, FulcrumHQ, promotes efficiency, productivity and risk management in large-scale construction and infrastructure.

“For thought leadership and rock-solid delivery, I look to LeapThought.”
Roger Jones
Chief Technology Officer, Auckland Transport
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Transforming Industries, Economies & Communities

Unlock sustainable growth 

Shape tomorrow's infrastructure with collaborative technology. Build socially inclusive, progressive environments that endure. At LeapThought, we're reimagining how capital projects are designed, delivered and maintained for sustainable growth. 

“The shift needed goes beyond just an upgrade of tools; it's a fundamental change in how we manage construction projects to streamline communications and make collaboration more efficient.”
Private Sector Asset Owner
Over $440 billion in net asset value
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Driving Efficiency & Productivity

Unite human & machine intelligence

Amplify human expertise with advanced machine-powered algorithms and artificial intelligence. Focus on what matters most designing, building and operating for the future while our intelligent tools augment your decisions and optimize every step. 

“What's impressive is that everyone can interact with this platform seamlessly from day one. Integration of information makes FulcrumHQ an essential tool for managing our projects effectively.”
Public Sector Industrial Developer
Development portfolio exceeding 750 million square feet

Who We Work With

We're your partner for smarter, sustainable collaborative construction

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Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operations (AECO) Sector

Bring your entire ecosystem together by integrating your workflows and supply chains. We enable architects, engineers, contractors and operators to collaborate with ease and deliver better project outcomes.

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Asset & Infrastructure Owners

Drive greater accountability and transparency across your projects, programs and portfolios. Our end-to-end digital delivery solution allows you to optimize your asset lifecycle and orchestrate stakeholders to maximize ROI.
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Regulatory Agencies

Create industry-wide efficiencies by streamlining the building consent and permitting processes using interdepartmental collaboration and advanced machine intelligence.
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Government Agencies

Enable tomorrow's socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and progressive infrastructure. Our infrastructure lifecycle solutions for government agencies allow you to manage risk and deliver value to your communities.

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Our Flagship Product: FulcrumHQ

Discover integrated digital delivery (IDD) for intelligent construction management

LeapThought's IDD platform for built environment lifecycle management offers a modern digital experience for all your infrastructure and asset lifecycle needs: design, construction, design for manufacturing, assembly, asset registration and handover processes. 

Turn your vision into reality

Leverage the full power of tomorrow's BIM solutions, today. We work with critical stakeholders involved in every aspect of project and portfolio management to create impactful, reliable and sustainable outcomes.

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