Bringing the Physical and Digital Worlds together.

Our Integrated Digital Platform for Infrastructure lifecycle offers modern digital experience for all your infrastructure lifecycle needs from Design, Construction, Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) through to Asset Registration and Handover processes.


Smart & Virtual BIM enabled Collaboration

BIM enabled submissions for Design, Tender, Asset Handover & Registrations. RFIs. Quality Inspections. Full ISO 19650-3 Compliance.

Computational BIM enabled Quality Control

Computational automated checks driving conformity against modelling guidelines, regulatory requirements, AIR, EIR on Project Information and Asset Information BIM models.

BIM enabled Visual Delivery Tracking

Query, interrogate and track non-conformity, progress, claims, installations, inspections, Asset registrations and handover process visually.

Comprehensive Site and Field Management

Multi-disciplinary inspection checklists, permits to work, safety, asset registrations & tagging, service requests from the comfort of users' iOS and Android devices.

Flexible Deployment Models

Available as SaaS or as a dedicated offering for your enterprise either on-premise or on your private cloud

or your preferred public Cloud

and your preferred device

Enabling tomorrow's socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable, reliable and progressive infrastructure

Unlike any other platform, FulcrumHQ, has been transforming many globally renowned asset owner, operators, architecture & engineering consultants, contractors and suppliers at the helm of designing, building and operating world's most innovative and prestigious Capital infrastructure projects.

The platform is future-proofing projects through machine powered computational algorithms enabling experts to do what matters most, which is to design, build, commission & operate tomorrow's socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable, reliable and progressive infrastructure.

Design, construction and compliance quality control relating to sustainability, environment, fire code, capacity, purpose and use of infrastructure and spaces, building code, discharge and consumption of resources (wastewater, refuse, stormwater etc.), sanitary & waste which traditionally were assessed through paper/2D drawings are now being achieved through machine based computational checks.

One platform bringing together the broader ecosystem and helping them stay connected, informed and unlock value, in all contexts that are relevant to them through the next generation and cutting-edge technological capabilities and practices.

Transforming Cities, Countries and Economies

We transform cities, regions, and countries by working inclusively and collaboratively with the local, regional, and global construction value chains, industry affiliates, research, and educational institutions. We amplify the rate of innovation by offering best practice, readily available templates that are created and enriched continuously through these collaborations.

Bringing GIS and BIM together

Having real-time, operational data sets brought together from diverse range of systems, devices, and sensors, having them visually represented in a cohesive GIS and BIM platform sets up for efficient and smarter operations that the downstream infrastructure maintenance and operational teams benefit from.

ROI from your investments in existing asset maintenance and operational systems are enhanced by complimenting them through modern, intelligent, and interactive digital twins for your physical infrastructure.

This is possible through the seamless interoperability of information from BIM to GIS and GIS to BIM through FulcrumHQ's support for open standards and open data exchange formats. The digital footprint of your infrastructure is more diverse and richer than ever before.


What Powers FULCRUMHQ?

Designed by a world-class team of qualified experts for experts using the cutting-edge technology stack featuring an integrated suite of modules that provide rich, contextual, consistent and intuitive experience across the suite. Makes the design, construction, regulatory, site management and back office users from the broader ecosystem adopt and onboard with ease.

Keeping teams connected, up to the minute!

Modern & Secure Digital Workspaces
All functions highly configurable. Secure and Smart Collaboration. Integrated Document and Content Management for both structured and unstructured content, Rich and powerful Workflow management, Deliverables Management, Submissions, RFIs, Variations, Progress, Cost & Quality Management and many more.

State of the art BIM.

BIM for Greenfield and Brownfield
Computational BIM. 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D. Machine powered algorithms to drive adherence to your EIR, AIR and regulatory compliance. State of the art Digital Twinning. Automated Model Version Compare. BCF support. Asset Registrations, Asset Tagging. BIM to Field for quality, safety inspections.

Smart forms and checklists for Quality, Safety, Permits to Work and many more Site functions.

Comprehensive Site Management
Safety. Quality. Permits to Work. Equipment Checklists. Inspections. Defects and Issues. Receipt of inventory. Delivery and Installation Tracking. Site Activity Tracking. Site Diary. All functions modern, rich, and highly configurable. Push notifications. As native apps on iOS and Android devices. BIM to Field.

Extending engineering design management to desktops.

Keeping your Devices in Sync
Native Designs synced directly from design teams' authoring environments and devices into the portal. References. Taxonomy enforcement. Repathing of references. Workflows. Search. Version Control. Smart and Intuitive Revision Management.

Connecting physical and digital together. IOT Sensors & Devices, Instrumentation, Operational Systems and many more.

Secure & well documented APIs for all System Functions
Real-time event and operational information from smart devices, sensors directly into the platform, with visualisations through BIM providing powerful visualisations for simulations, proactive and reactive maintenance. Predictions. Correlation Plots. Powerful and rich APIs designed for connecting your digital and physical worlds unlike any other platform.

Making 2D & 3D GIS and BIM sing and dance together.

BIM to GIS and GIS to BIM
Having real-time, operational data sets brought together from diverse range of systems, devices and sensors, having them visually represented in a cohesive GIS and BIM platform sets up for efficient and smarter operations that the downstream infrastructure maintenance and operational teams benefit from.

Deeper & richer insights helping stay ahead of challenges.

Rich Analytics & Insights for Informed Decision Making
Insights and advanced data analytics for your construction projects and infrastructure operations through ingestion of data from the platform’s native APIs (Interop) and external data sources. Stay on top of your projects and operational current and future needs through powerful visualisations, simulations, and predictions.

Intelligent Machine intervention driving quality control. Identifying patterns that aren't apparent to the naked eye.

AI and Machine Complimenting Experts
Drive compliance, standardisation and automation through machine driven intelligence integrated into your practices and applied on your data. Embrace the world's most advanced computational BIM powered by machine intelligence to know more about your infrastructure every step of the way - from design, construction, commissioning, and operations.