A one stop shop Azure solution for your archives

Whether it is storage and retrieval of large volumes of customer bills, vendor invoices or media files Vault-Az provides a reliable, scalable, highly available and secure one -stop shop solution for your enterprise.

The solution is designed using Windows Azure Platform to replace the legacy systems that may be in use by your enterprise.

If your enterprise is looking for solving one or any of the following problems or challenges, talk to us about our low-risk based solution and the implementation approach:

  • Long bill retrieval/display times for customers through the web
  • Extended call handing times on billing support calls
  • Timeout errors in busy periods caused by a constraint on the number of concurrent connections
  • Capacity and scalability limitations as volumes were reaching physical storage limits
  • Not highly available, no disaster recovery or monitoring capability
  • Integration issues with external parties for print/mail fulfilment, BI (for reporting) and/or with your ERP or lines of business systems
  • Obsolescence because of aging software, infrastructure and underlying operating system

The solution comes with the following functional modules:

  • Batch upload of documents
  • Document edit capability
  • Internal admin web portal
  • Windows Azure cloud platform with support for Development, Quality Assurance and Production environments
  • Migration of all documents and database to cloud platform
  • Web services interface for integration
  • Securing portal cloud applications with on premise Active Directory via ADFS for single sign on access

Support Options:

To enable customers to have peace of mind in their investment, LeapThought provides two cost effective support options for the Vault-Az product:

1) Software Assurance:

LeapThought Software Assurance provides customers with product updates and/or new releases of the products. Support is provided in the areas of installation, configuration and technical troubleshooting. Our email helpdesk (as stated within our support contract) answers functionality questions from both technical and business users. With Software Assurance, free-of-charge developer licenses are provided on a 1 to 1 basis with purchased production licenses.

2) Premium Support with Software Assurance:

Our Premium Support provides all the benefits of Software Assurance as well as escalation to Live Support for issues that are best addressed by direct dialogue. This is a step above our Software Assurance which must be in place for Premium Support to be purchased. Naturally, Premium Support customers receive higher priority service with our guarantee of meaningful support response by next business day. Also, unlimited developer licenses are provided to our Premium Support customers.

To make an informed decision on which Support Option will meet your organizations requirements we encourage you to get in touch on +64 9 280 3832 or 0800 LeapThought if calling from New Zealand.

Our technical support team should be your first point of call for issues related to LeapThought products. To start a Support Case contracted customers should contact us by send an email using our contact us page or call us on 0800 LT Support from within New Zealand.

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